B.VOC in Accounting & Business


Under National Skill Qualification Programme of University Grants Commission, the new generation BVoc Courses based on the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) are offered to address the critical knowledge and skill-sets required to make the candidate “industry ready” and also shape “young entrepreneurs” in the relevant sectors. The initiative is a significant one as it goes a long way in promoting skill-based competency modules where a student can undergo skill-based learning and have both lateral and vertical mobility. Such an arrangement would encourage employability, and also flexibility to pursue formal education and take up appropriate jobs at the end of different levels of certification. B.Voc ACCA Best Course After Plustwo.

B.Voc ACCA-Best Course After Plus Two in kerala-FWI Calicut
B.Voc ACCA-Best Course After Plus Two in kerala-FWI Calicut
B.Voc ACCA-Best Course After Plus Two in kerala-FWI Calicut

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) being a leader in innovation in education, decided to contribute towards skilling, up skilling and re skilling its existing and prospective students, by the establishment of Center for Skills in 2019. The main objective of the Center for Skills, is in line with the current thinking of various policymakers in India i.e. as one of top educational institution in India, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) would leverage its vast expertise in terms of capability and capacity to provide the knowledge & life-skill to its students, would collaborate with existing skill-experts, NSDC, Specific Sector-Skills as part of the available ecosystem, including few international /foreign Sector-skills to be globally relevant and finally as an institution which takes pride in its social responsibility (ISR), will play its part in the contributing to the overall target of skilling-up the people in India. B.Voc ACCA Best Course After Plustwo

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The students after completing these bachelor programs can explore opportunities to work in various domestic and multi-national companies. The University being the academic partner, would impart and award credits for the “Academic’ content” of the Curriculum; and the Fin Word International, in Calicut will facilitate the University in imparting and awarding credits for ‘Skill oriented training’ content of the curriculum to students, including the Qualification Packs (QPs) as per the NSQF guidelines.

Jain University has joined hands with ACCA to provide students with an exciting opportunity. Students who have joined for the B.Voc in Accounting and Business course, upon graduation will be rewarded exemptions for 9 out of 13 papers of the ACCA Qualification. This is a great opportunity for students as they have to attempt only 4 papers on their path to achieve ACCA Membership.The B.Voc course offered addresses the critical knowledge and skill sets required to make the candidate industry-ready and also shape young-entrepreneurs in the relevant sectors. Please refer the below information to understand your journey with B.Voc in Accounting and Business.

The programme offers multiple exit options, wherein after the first year, the candidate can exit with a Diploma in Accounting & Business or can move to second year. After two years, the candidate can exit with Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business or, if he/she so desires, can move towards BVoc of maximum duration of Three years. Along with the Third year of BVoc Degree the student have the opportunity to write Strategic Professional Exams of ACCA as ACCA has accredited the program and is giving first 9 paper Exemption(Maximum Exemption).


BVoc Accounting and Business (ACCA) is providing the golden opportunity for plus two completed students to complete a professional qualification (ACCA) along with a UGC recognised bachelors degree in 3 years. This dual qualification degree has the highest credit points (180 Credit points) and is the preferred choice among the aspirants looking to migrate to European countries. B.Voc ACCA-Best Course After Plus Two in kerala-FWI Calicut

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